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About us
Allwordlink.com (AWL) was invested by Royals Technology Ltd
With focusing on supply of various hardware and related service for global market.
All products are designed by experienced team who understanding fully the customer‘s CTQ (the Critical Technical Question) to ensure designed concept keeps leading position all time.
All manufacture are certified by ISO /EHS process to guarantee outstanding reliability performance plus complying with necessary market standard from CE/ VDE / UL / Rohs / Reach globally.
Currently AWL team have been supplying products including HVAC components , Hardware Kits , Gas Cooking Parts ,Industrial Cutting Blade , Mining Tools , Pest Control Parts, Precise machined parts and all standard Screw parts more than 20 million parts for thousands worldwide customers group through local warehouse service network.
When you have interest on products or service, both standard and customize design order plan, AWL team are committed to support you all time.
We look forward to your suggestion

AWL Service team