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Birdwire stainless wire 0.76mm Pigeon Bird UV resistant nylon coated 50/100/250/500M
HDPE Bird Net sparrow starling pigeon seagull UV 12/6 Rot-proof non-conductive 10Year
Anti Bird Spikes 33cm PP base Stainless Pigeons Gulls Starlings
Anti Bird Spikes PP narrow base Stainless Wire 50cm Length per Spike 1M Per Pack
Plastic Rat Snap Trap Rat Mouse Mice Rodent Control ABS Metal
Rat Trap Cage Rodent Control L/M/S Galvanized Metal
Multi Catch Traps Mice Rat Mouse Rodent Control Metal
Higher Multi Catch Mouse Trap Mice Rat Rodent Control Steel
Solar Panel Spikes SS304 1.3x110mm 50cm 40pins Bird Deter
Adjustable Solar Panel Blockings SS304 Wire Dia. 2mm Bird Deter
Welded Mesh 18 Gauge 25x12.5mm 0.3x30M Galvanised Steel
Solar Panel Clip Black Nylon fix weld mesh rolls fixing solar panel self-locking
Glue Board Fly Killer insect Control 20W Energy Saving UV Lamp Aluminum
Mercury glueboard Fly killer Insect Control 120m2 15Watt UV
Fly killer insect Control UV Lamp 20W 60m2 Modern design
Board Flying Killer 2x15W Insect Control Wall-Mounted
MOSQUITO TRAP Killer Fly Insect 15W UV LED
Mosquito Trap Killer Outdoor Fly insect Solar Power LED
Mosquito Trap Fly Killer Insect WALL 15Watt Long Life
Mosquito Trap Fly Killer Insect WALL 15Watt Long Life


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