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CattleSmith ®
Belong to Royals Technology Ltd
As market leading, we offering quality products and superior customer service.
Focus on DIY alternative pest control product solution provider for global customer.
By integration resources of advanced productive center and professional research institute together
ProPCO team aim is to deliver value in the pest control solutions and to ensure products works in safe, effective and affordable.
All products with top quality and safely to help in management of prevent or eradicate pests in domestic and commercial environments, with professional packaged and come with easy to understand installation idea and usage instructions.
We presenting industry-standard innovations that have been engineered to deliver the most effective approach to pest control, while taking immense consideration of environmental and safety factors.  
Our Products covers
Bird Control ; Rodent Control; Solar Panel Protection ; Insect Control; Mosquito Control and Wild life Animal Control etc.
All products or system are designed with purpose to make effective control for Bird, Rodent;
Solar Panel Protection, Insect, Mosquito and Wildlife Animal alike snakes cats and more.
Typical application as
Restaurants; Bars, pubs & clubs; Offices; Schools; Hospitals and Clinics ; Nursing homes; Cafes; Childcare centers;Shopping centers; Bakeries; Industrial complexes; Warehouses etc.
Any question or enquiry , we are committed to help you always
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