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Miner Light LED 1W 3500LM Cordless Power Helmet Safety Head Cap Lamp Torch
Miners Light LED
1W 3500LM 3.7VDC IP68
Cordless Power Helmet Safety Head Cap Lamp Torch
A powerful LED Lamp meets every Miner needs 
Water Proof, Electric Shock Proof, Moisture Proof and Impact Proof
Particularly suited for
Mining, open cut coal mining, tapping rubber, mineral industry, tunnel projects
Construction and maintenance of power, communication industry
Highway railway repairs at night
Night lamp for flood rescuing and marine use
For outdoor adventures, fishing, hunting, camping
Auto repair and even the tradies can use it
Main Feature:
1 Watt LED
LED lifespan 50,000 hours, two position, high 3,500 Lux and low 3,000 Lux
Lighting time over 8 hours on High and 24 hours on Low
Li-ion battery, with 110v-245v wall smart charger
Compact and lightweight (only 170gms)
Maintenance free
Water proof, electric shock proof, moisture proof and impact proof
IP Rating: IP68
Strong Construction:
Made of high intensity engineering plastic ABS, full-sealing construction, explosion proof, water proof electrical shock proof, moisture proof and impact proof
Working temperature: -10 to 45 degrees Centigrade
Relative air humidity: <= 95% +- 3RH
Bright and long lighting time and best of all maintenance free
The high strength ABS case, optimized structure design and MCU control make the head lamp more reliable
Main Technical Date:
Voltage: 3.7VDC
LED: 1 Watt
Rated Capacity: 2800mah
Battery: High Performance Li-Ion Battery
Current: Main 300ma
Luminance: 3500LM /High ; 3000LM /Low
Smart Charger: Input AC 110v-250v ; Output DC 4.2v, 600ma
Protective Voltage 4.20 ± 0.05
LED Life Span: 50000 hours
Lighting Time: High: 8 hours ; Low: 24 hours
Standard to comply
Explosion Proof 
Package including: 
LED Cordless Lamp
Australian Standard Wall Smart Charger
Package Including:
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