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Royals Technology
Your reliable supplier of Circular Saw Cutting Blades
With great know-how experience and full-range product lines including:
ü         TCT General Circular Saw Blades;
ü         TCT Professional Circular Saw Blades;
ü         TCT Industrial Circular Saw Blades;
ü         Diamond General Circular Saw Blades;
ü         Diamond Professional Circular Saw Blades;
ü         Diamond Laser welded Industrial Circular Saw Blades;
ü         General High Speed Steel Saw Blade
ü         Industrial High Speed Steel Saw Blade in HSS-DM05
ü         Industrial High Speed Steel Saw Blade in IHSS-CO5
Our facility owns international certification of MPA of TUV and EN of European with ISO 9001 Quality.
Our Products have been supporting global market for 20 years from general applications to extremely tough requirement.  

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