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Brass Insert & Terminal Block
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Plug Topin Outlet Block
Precise Spare Brand
Investede by Royals Tech/WEIDA Group
Focus on Precise product with great know-how experience.
With full-range product lines covers:
√ Brass Insert & Terminal Block;
√ Brass Gas-Cooler Parts;
√ Plug Topin Outlet Block;
√ Screw;
Our facility owns international certification of MPA of TUV and EN of European with ISO 9001 Quality process.
These products have been supporting market globally for 20 years from general applications to extremely tough requirement.
Product show
Salable stainless steel battery round crimp terminal
Reusable stainless steel battery pe terminal blocks push
heat staking threaded molded in inserts
hardware grooves cooper nut
Heavy Duty Brass Adjustable Twist Pressure Sprayer Garden Hose Nozzle
China hot selling and processing custom hardware parts accessories
BB6613 12 PSI brass petcock gauge valveradiator petcock valve
B6611 Brass gas safty valve with nozzle for BBQ grill
Insulated Ring Crimp Terminals
Nickel plated horseshoe copper terminal
Hardware brass fitting
Brass Cable Connector Wire Connector
Steel Micro Mini Screw
customized male and female screw
Custom Anodized Aluminum screw
big head Knurled thumb Screw


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