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Elemag Alloy
Belongs to AWL Group invested by Royals Technology Ltd.
Elemag Alloy offers unique steel including “corrosion resistant soft magnetic stainless steel” and “free-cutting magnetic stainless steel” being used in generators, transformers, electromagnetic valves, etc.
Which high degree of confidence from the market in all aspects development, quality and stable supply.  
Our strengths in special steel materials to provide custom products that fully cater to customers' requests.
As we know, Electromagnetic steel with fine magnetic characteristic is not easy for practical use, because of problems such as anisotropy and magnetic saturation, specially such electrical magnetic core material, which would be essential in electromagnetic actuators, is required to have various different properties such as corrosion resistance, magnetic property, electrical resistance, and workability depending on the usage or performance. 
As experienced professional manufacture,  Elemag team have broadened lineup of soft-magnetic stainless steels to meet varying demands with goal to following most leading world soft-magnetic stainless steel manufacture continually.
Focus on mainly high class manufacturing of magnetic stainless steel , meanwhile severing market of various special steel products, including bearing steel, engineering steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel and tool steel being used in various areas of society. The main raw material is scrap iron, which indicates that we are promoting an environmentally conscious and recycling-based business.
As production capability, Elemag completed annual output of 8000 tons electromagnetic stainless steel production line, where including all necessary facilities from intermediate frequency furnace, continuous casting, rolling mill, cold-drawing machines, centerless lathes, centerless grinders, spark spectrometers and other manufacturing and testing equipment etc.
With annual output of 4,000 tons of magnetic stainless steel production capacity totally.  
With successfully development of main products alike EL-31 (00Cr13si2Pb), EL-31B (00Cr13si2), EL-31BS (00Cr13Si2S), EL-37B (0Cr17Si2), EL-37 (0Cr17Si2Pb), EL-38 (0Cr18SiMo2), EL-45 (0Cr18Si2S ) , all these electromagnetic stainless steel
can be used to replace most high grade products by high competitive for example: Japanese Products: K-M31 (13Cr-2Si), K-M35F (13Cr-1Si-Al-Pb), K-M37F (17Cr-1Si-Al-Pb), K-M41S (18Cr-1Si -0.5Mo), K-M38 (18Cr-2Si-2Mo-X), and Germany Products: 4105LA, 41O5IL, 4105IM and Italian Products MG1, MG2 etc.
Elemag electromagnetic stainless steel have been exported to Brazil , Japan, Germany , Korea , Italy region as main supplier of world-leading customers   
To test and inspect steel materials, we use strictly calibrated testing and inspection equipment in order to confirm that product characteristics (e.g., hardness, tension, and magnetic properties) meet customers' requests.
We use eddy current and ultrasonic testing methods to inspect 100% of many of our products so as to ensure the soundness of both their surfaces and internal components.
We select the dimensions, surface roughness, and other characteristics in accordance with customers' requests.
In addition, based on the knowhow we have accumulated through our experience, we can propose solutions to your issues that use new types of steels or treatment methods.
When you have any enquiry , please contact us via allworldlink@hotmail.com anytime and anywhere.   
Thank you
Elemag Team
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